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B·Debate Integrative Societies and Disability

According to the WHO, more than 1 billion people have some sort of disability. Evolving cities and emerging technology offer up new opportunities for integration, but also difficulties that are hard to identify and overcome. World experts gathered at B·Debate to promote scientific debate on the subject.


ERC researchers

The competitive grants from the European Research Council (ERC) have been recognizing research of excellence in Europe since 2007. Since then, research projects based in Catalonia have obtained 261 ERC grants, 77 of them in the healthcare and life sciences arena. In terms of number of grants per million inhabitants, Catalonia is ranked second among EU countries. In the last ERC Starting Grants call, 3 projects from the BioRegion of Catalonia were awarded: we’re getting into the lab with their leaders.

Sinopsi B·Debate Natural Selection in humans

If natural selection is the basic mechanism behind evolution as proposed by Darwin, and if human beings are deeply immersed in what we call culture, the question is: are we still evolving? To answer this question, some of the best international experts on the topic met at B·Debate.

Foto Sinopsi B·Debate: Dels microbis als medicaments

How works the relationship between the microbiome and the human body? How it can be regulated? Some of the top international experts in the area participated in this B·Debate to try to answer these questions.

Ready for September

September is a good time to set new goals. Funding, internationalization, networking, professional growth… Take note of these resources and don’t miss out on these great opportunities!

Synopsis of the B·Debate: Zika virus and other mosquito-borne viruses

Are we ready to prevent or fight the mosquito-borne diseases? To discuss this, and to propose the necessary improvements, some of the top international experts will participate in B·Debate.