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B·Debate Industrial Biotechnology

On 14 and 15 February 2016, researchers and businesspeople from around the world met for a B·Debate on the present and future of industrial biotechnology.


More and more, medicine strives for a greater level of precision. And it has an increasingly important ally: imaging techniques. In order to discuss some of the most recent and important advances, several of the top experts in the world came together convened by B·Debate.


Rare diseases each, by definition, affect only a handful of people. However, there are more than 7,000 different types and they affect roughly 10% of the global population. Researchers from around the world gathered at B·Debate to discuss the new advances in drug repurposing for rare diseases.

Sinopsis B·Debate: Early Life Experiences

On 25 and 26 October 2016 researchers from around the world gathered at B·Debate to discuss early stress and its relation with an increased risk of mental illness

Lliçons per la BioRegió: què podem aprendre del 2016?

We want to know what was the main lesson learned from 2016 in the field of healthcare and the life sciences in Catalonia. We asked some of the key stakeholders in the sector: entrepreneurs, institutions, executives at hospitals and research centers and investors. This is what they told us:

Forum BioRegio 2016 crònica ponència

During 2016 Forum of the BioRegion, held in November 2016, international experts presented successful public-private partnership experiences and discussed on where the biopharma, medtech and digital health subsectors are heading. In this document, you will find a summary of all the talks that took place in this Meeting, that was conceived to allow assistants to stay up-to-date, discover new ways to grow and identify opportunities, and be prepared to face the complexities of the constantly healthcare changing sector.