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Largest Chinese institutional investor seeks business opportunities in the BioRegion

The China Great Wall Asset Management fund meets with Biocat to explore business projects to invest in

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The China Great Wall Asset Management investment fund, created by the government of this Asian giant, visited the BioRegion of Catalonia in search of business opportunities through an event set up by Biocat. The fund, which has managed assets valued at ¥1 trillion (roughly €127 billions), is considered the largest institutional investor in China and is still growing, after setting up 20 new funds and growing assets 70% in 2016.

A delegation of 26 top executives from the fund, including many regional managing directors, are currently touring Europe with Moody’s credit rating institution. After visiting Germany and France, the delegation met with Biocat, the foreign investment department of Acció and some Catalan biopharmaceutical companies with interests in the Chinese market. The aim of the meeting was to present the potential of the BioRegion and lay the groundwork for future investment collaborations.

“Helping companies in the BioRegion internationalize and get funding is one of Biocat’s priorities, and one of the best ways to do this is by putting them in contact with top-notch global investors,” highlights Biocat Director of Business Development Jordi Fàbrega. “The China Great Wall Asset Management executives were pleasantly surprised by the solidity of our companies and we trust that will soon translate into investment.”

Founded in 1999, China Great Wall Asset Management focuses mainly on the pharmaceutical, textile and real estate sectors and is fully authorized by the Chinese government to invest abroad. Their main headquarters is in Beijing but the fund heads up its international operations from Hong Kong.