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Michael J. Fox Foundation and Hospital Clínic present tool to boost Parkinson’s research

The 'Fox Trial Finder' connects volunteers with clinical trials that need participants.


By Biocat

The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), founded in 2000 by the actor from which it takes its name and devoted to Parkinson’s research, has presented the Fox Trial Finder search engine to connect volunteers with clinical trials that need participants. The online platform, which was first available in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and France, has just been launched in Spain with help from Hospital Clínic, which is collaborating with the Foundation to accelerate research into this degenerative disease.

CEO of the MJFF Todd Sherer explains that the Fox Trial Finder “is a practical, user-friendly solution to help everyday people get involved in research.” Using an online form, the platform connects participants and researchers anonymously according to its privacy policy. The Fox Trial Finder already has 380 clinical trials in its system.

This new tool was presented on 13 November at Hospital Clínic at an event featuring Eduard Tolosa, neurologist in the hospital’s Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Unit; Maria José Martí, coordinator of the same group; Lily Cappelletti, global coordinator of the platform; Maria Rosario Luquin of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), and Roser Roigé, president of the Associació Catalana per al Parkinson.

Hospital Clínic has also recently joined the Europe Biomarkapd project for early detection of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer. The center is thus consolidating its direct involvement in the fight against this disease of the central nervous system.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation has invested more than $350 millions in research to find a cure for this disease and improve treatment for those suffering from it.

More information is available on the Hospital Clínic blog.

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Presentation at Hospital Clínic with coordinator of the 'Fox Trial Finder' platform, Lily Cappelletti - Photo: © Hospital Clínic