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Las empresas interesadas pueden solicitar 'vouchers': la próxima fecha de corte es el 31 de marzo


This European alliance co-organized by Biocat is geared towards the markets in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and Singapore

BIO Europe Spring 2017

Cutting-edge studies in the best international scientific publications, rounds of investment, licenses… despite saying goodbye to the EMA and the political instability of this last quarter of the year, the Catalan healthcare and life sciences sector has maintained its role as a global benchmark for this type of ecosystem.



The Toyama Pharmaceutical Association visited the BioRegion on an ICEX reverse mission with collaboration from Biocat 


Biocat organizes internationalization Activities during the conference, in the framework of the European projects Boost4Health and bioXclusters plus

BIO Japan 2017

Cytes Biotechnologies, Creatio, Gebro Pharma, Readycell, Laboratorios Rubió, Thrombotargets Europe and ZeClinics participated in BioJapan

Ready for September

September is a good time to set new goals. Funding, internationalization, networking, professional growth… Take note of these resources and don’t miss out on these great opportunities!

Seu central de China Great Wall Asset Management

The China Great Wall Asset Management fund meets with Biocat to explore business projects to invest in

Seu de BGI a Shenzen (Xina)

The Beijing Genomics Institute is meeting with companies and entities in the BioRegion as part of a reverse mission led by Biocat