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Biocat publications

Biocat, in collaboration with industry experts and international projects, produces various reports and reference publications on the biosciences.

In the Biocat Slideshare, you can find either presentations of the BioRegion of Catalonia or presentations by speakers from some of the events and conferences organized by Biocat.

The BioRegion Report is the benchmark study on the life sciences and healthcare ecosystem in Catalonia. It highlights the main macroeconomic data on the sector, including updated investment figures.

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At the current rate, closing the gender gap will take 136 years. Although the situation in the life and health sciences sector is better than in other industries, inequalities persist in areas such as salaries and access to management positions, among many others. This report, commissioned by the Department of Equality and Feminisms, by Biocat, collects and analyzes this data and makes recommendations to address it.


The ecosystem of life sciences and healthcare in Catalonia is an international pole of attraction for investors. What investment opportunities does the BioRegion offer? Check out the Invest in Catalonia presentation.

Biocat, CataloniaBio & HealthTech and EY have published the Study on investment in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry in Catalonia 2020.

This report sets the stage of the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry in Catalonia, highlighting consistent investment drivers, trends and R&D headways, and depicting the collaborations held among key players.

The report of activities is a compilation of the annual program of activities that Biocat developes to promote collaboration between the various stakeholders and bodies involved in the BioRegion of Catalonia and boost their initiatives.

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Biocat, with the collaboration of the BAC (Bibliometry and Evaluation in Science), makes available to researchers and society the data on the scientific publicactions in biomedicine done in Catalonia.
The dynamic tables of the platform allow you to check the production and impact of each research center, university, hospital, etc. individually, or customize the search by scientific discipline.

Biocat has published, with partners in the European project Interbio, the white paper From Research to Market: Key Issues of Technology transfer from public research centers. It is a guide containing practical guidelines of the process of technology transfer in the field of public research in biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology.

The consultancy Ernst & Young, an international leader in the analysis of biopharmaceuticals and medical technology markets, has developed the Catalonia Life Sciences Report 2011 based on industry data collected by Biocat. Although Ernst & Young periodically publishes studies for countries, this dedicated to Catalonia is the first dedicated to a bioregion.