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The BioRegion of Catalonia brings together 91 research institutions and more than 1,300 companies (mainly biotechnological and pharmaceutical, as well as medical technology and digital health) that - together with health services - generate 8.7% of the GDP* of Catalonia (4.4% industrial subsector and 4.3% health services) and employ 244,000 people, more than 8% of the employed population of Catalonia.

The Catalonia Health and Life Sciences Data Platform directory, produced and updated daily by Biocat, offers you information on more than 1,600 companies and organizations that work in the field of life sciences and health in Catalonia. Each file in the directory includes a description of the company with different categorizations according to the sector to which it belongs (biotech, pharma, medtech, digital health, etc.), the subsector and data on its pipeline.

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Access the Catalonia Health and Life Sciences Data Platform and find the startups, companies and institutions that make up one of the fastest growing ecosystems in Europe.



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What is the BioRegion?

The BioRegion is the health and life sciences cluster in Catalonia, meaning the group of companies, research groups and bodies, hospitals, universities, administrations, researchers and entrepreneurs, innovation and knowledge-transfer support structures working in Catalonia in this strategic sector.