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Start-up Generation

Roger Gomis Inbiomotion IRB Barcelona

Roger Gomis

Founder and non-executive director of Inbiomotion and ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona

Roger holds a degree in Biochemistry and Business and his research focus on cancer metastasis. He got his PhD in Biochemistry (UB) in 2002 and was a postdoc fellow in professor Massagué’s laboratory at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Since 2006, he is head of the "Growth control and cancer metastasis" laboratory at IRB Barcelona.

Ignasi Heras

Ignasi Heras

CEO and co-founder of Transplant Biomedicals

Ignasi Heras holds a degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) from the UB and an MBA from EADA. He was deputy director of Biocontrol Technologies and head of Innovation, Marketing and Networking at the Barcelona Science Park. In 2012, he founded a consultancy firm and has been working at Transplant Biomedicals since 2014. He combines his professional career with education: he is a tutor and project consultant for the EADA master in management for the healthcare sector.

Ricardo Veiga

Ricardo Veiga

CTO of Xkelet

Ricardo holds a technical degree in nursing and has always worked in the field of medicine, setting up work teams in different hospital areas in the ophthalmology department and surgery. He has taken the leap into entrepreneurship with Xkelet, however he is also CEO of the company Business-Bio.

Joaquim Querol

Joaquim Querol

CEO and founder of Endor Nanotechnologies

Joaquim Querol holds a degree in Technical Telecommunications Engineering from the UPC and in Physics from the UB. His first professional experience was as a researcher at the CSIC Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. After that he moved into the private sector at a company selling electronic products and founded Endor Technologies in 2007.

Santiago Esteban y Laura Nevola

Santiago Esteban and Laura Nevola

CEO and CSO, co-founders of IDP Pharma

Santiago Esteban holds a PhD in Chemistry (University of Valencia) and has focused on computational methods to study proteins at research centers in Spain (IRB, BSC) and abroad (Germany and the Netherlands).

Laura Nevola has an undergraduate degree in medical chemistry and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science (University of Rome). Her specialty, which she has developed at the University of Rome, Yale University and the IRB Barcelona, is developing molecules to modulate protein function.

Gloria Calderón

Gloria Calderón

CEO and cofounder of Embryotools

Gloria Calderón holds a PhD in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has worked in assisted reproduction for more than 30 years. She was a member of the team that performed the first successful in vitro fertilizations in Spain, at the Dexeus Institute in Barcelona. From 2000 to 2013, she was the main internal scientific advisor for the IVI group (assisted reproduction clinics).