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CosmoCaixa is hosting a gathering of international researchers, promoted by Biocat and “la Caixa” and co-organized by ISGlobal


CRG and UPF co-organize the event, which is promoted by Biocat and "la Caixa"


It is now possible to predict which diseases will affect plants each year (and how they will defend themselves), to suggest which plant variety (of rice, for example) could be more resistant the following year. Global experts met at B·Debate to discuss the concept of pathogenesis in plants.

Sinopsi B·Debate: Ciència oberta: un camí per fer-la real

The scientific practices that are currently used meet important and diverse criticisms: having to pay for access to most publications, reproducibility issues and the scarce influence the general society has on decision-making and path-setting, among others. Researchers from around the world gathered at B·Debate to discuss the concept of open science.


International researchers participate in the sessions organized by Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation in Barcelona

B·Debate Sleep CosmoCaixa

International scientists presented the 'Sleep Manifesto' at the event promoted by Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation


The event, promoted by Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation, was co-organized by CRG, UB, UOC, IrsiCaixa and ISGlobal


International scientists discuss in Barcelona how to predict the genetics and types of pathogens that will affect crops in the future


Each year in Catalonia, roughly 1,000 women die of breast cancer and 275 of ovarian cancer 


International experts from a variety of disciplines will debate this challenge at an event hosted by B·Debate, an initiative of Biocat and the “la Caixa” Foundation