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What is Europe’s proposal for making healthcare systems more resilient after the pandemic? (II)

Did you know that some calls in the EU4Health program are still open? Find out what types of projects can submit proposals and the opportunities the program has to offer for Catalonia as a whole. 

What Europe proposes to improve the resilience of health systems after the pandemic? (I)

Health is a transversal element in European policies, and with a program bolstered with €5.1 billion over seven years, Europe is looking to tackle the challenges that the pandemic has magnified: prevention, preparation, digitalization and strengthening healthcare systems and their human resources. This post looks at the EU’s ambitious response seeking to make healthcare systems more resilient.

Four key steps to define your market access strategy before entering new markets

Market access and pricing (MA&P) is an increasingly key piece to a successful product development and launch strategy. Let us explore why MA&P is so essential, what is the right timing for incorporating it into your overall strategy, and how to manage market access after launch.

Innovation in regulating digital therapeutics: a European challenge to benefit patients

The two years of the pandemic have been key to accelerating the digitalization of the healthcare sector and healthcare services, as well as fueling the growth of digital health startups. Innovation in the adoption of technology in the provision of health services and making them available to people is still a challenge ahead. In this sense, Catalonia is committed to having a notifying authority that advises and accompanies the digital therapies of the BioRegion during its process of integration into...

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2021, an exceptional year for the BioRegion

The 2021 BioRegion Report, promoted by Biocat with CataloniaBio & HealthTech and ACCIÓ, shows the sector’s evolution in a year marked by efforts in health innovation, and with European and global challenges in its sights.