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The new crop of women entrepreneurs in the BioRegion

Thirty-one percent of the CEO's and founders of companies in the healthcare sector created in Catalonia since 2018 are women, a much higher percentage than in previous years. Let’s learn about these professionals who are contributing to reversing the trend.


Biocat has participated in drafting the report for the first time, contributing data and knowledge to provide context for the overall evolution of investment in recent years


The visit looked at ways the government could maximize the economic impact of healthcare innovation in Catalonia


It is the largest series A closed by a start-up of the sector in Spain

Biobanc. Autor: IGTP

The Department of Research and Innovation (DGRIS) and Biocat have established the criteria for the donations and provided advisory services.


Companies and research stakeholders in the healthcare, food, chemistry, energy, industrial systems and mobility sectors can sign up


Healthcare projects at IRB Barcelona, CRG, IBEC and UAB awarded prestigious grants from the European Research Council


The main event for the European biopharmaceutical sector is coming back to the city after its success here in 2010, 2013 and 2017


Four initiatives of VHIO, UPF, IDIBELL and IGTP will receive personalized guidance and up to €300,000 in funding


The fair will be held March 23 to 27, this year in a digital format