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Presentation of the Digital Health in Catalonia Report, a strong, growing subsector in the BioRegion

The tech report, produced by ACCIÓ in collaboration with Biocat, reviews the different areas of digital health, from a conceptual, business, international agent- and trend-related viewpoint, highlighting success stories in the BioRegion. 

The UK: A partner for life sciences

It has been a momentous few months for the United Kingdom, with the sad news of the passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was a unique and moving experience to welcome our friends from across Catalonia into the Consulate as they came to sign the book of condolences. We remain grateful for this outpouring of support. King Charles III has become our new Head of State.

Seeking sustainability in the health sector

In our last post on sustainability, we said that “if the global health sector were a country, it would be the fifth-largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet”. In this article, we take one step further and highlight the changes and initiatives/success stories being undertaken by the different players in the BioRegion of Catalonia...

Data and health: an indissoluble binomial

Europe launched the European Health Data Space (EDHS) this May. However, obstacles such as interoperability and secondary use of data remain to be overcome, but there are also initiatives driven by Estonia and its entire network of Nordic and Scandinavian countries to reflect this.