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Before and after Covid-19

Current generations will remember 2020 as the year everything changed. People confined to their homes, industries at minimum production levels, hospitals overflowing, borders closed and, in general, a world put on pause by the whims of a virus that popped up almost overnight. The BioRegion wasn’t spared this abnormality, but as the healthcare and life sciences sector is strategic and essential to managing the pandemic, the revolution in this case brought out the best of the sector to fight the virus.


Covid-19 continues to be a trending topic, but research in other fields is regaining prominence

Biobanc. Autor: IGTP

The Department of Research and Innovation (DGRIS) and Biocat have established the criteria for the donations and provided advisory services.

6 ‘made in Catalonia’ Covid-19 prediction and prognosis methods

Predicting and establishing the prognosis of diseases is key to controlling them. Biocat will provide support for the 19 research projects in the BioRegion awarded €4 million from the Catalan Ministry of Health to research the pandemic, 6 of which are looking into possible prediction or prognosis methods for this disease. Let’s look at how the centers are focusing their research.

3 Catalan Covid-19 vaccines

A few days ago, the 19 research projects in the BioRegion awarded €4 million from the Catalan Ministry of Health to research the pandemic, with technical support from Biocat, were announced. Of these projects, 3 are researching potential vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Let’s look at the preventive strategies they propose.

5 existing drugs that could be used for Covid-19

Five research projects in the BioRegion of Catalonia are investigating how to take advantage of therapies already in use for other diseases to treat Covid-19. They have received funding from the Catalan Ministry of Health to study this new path towards a possible cure to the pandemic. Let’s look at what they’re working on.


Advances in Covid-19 research and devices mark the news in the BioRegion in April

Will Covid-19 affect investment in the biomedical sector?

The BioRegion of Catalonia has a solid local investment fabric and the number of international investors has grown tenfold over the past 5 years. How will the pandemic affect their activity? Companies are seeing some operations postponed, but investors, for now, are optimistic: activity won’t stop, quite the opposite, this will boost interest to attract more investment.

Clara Campàs (Asabys Partners): “Society’s growing interest in science due to Covid-19 could boost investment in healthcare”

Clara Campàs, partner and co-founder of specialized venture capital fund Asabys Partners, analyzes how the global Covid-19 crisis is affecting the sector and is optimistic about the future of investment in healthcare.