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Zayna Khayat

Zayna Khayat

Director of MaRS EXCITE program at MaRS Discovery District, Health System Innovation

Khayat works to get healthcare systems to adopt the best technology to improve public health and performance, as well as promoting the new economy of health. She is also an adjunct professor in the Health Sector Strategy stream at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management. She has 11 years of experience in strategic consulting in the healthcare and life sciences sector.

Susan Bannister

Susan W. Bannister

Former President and CEO of Massachussetts Life Sciences Center

A world-renowned expert in innovation, she has been called one of the "10 most influential women in biotech" by the Boston Globe and one of the "50 most powerful women in Boston" by Boston Magazine. She is managing partner at Biomedical Innovation Advisors and also President and CEO of Biomedical Growth Strategies. She has been president and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLC).

Michael Muller

Michael Müller

Managing Partner at Monacon Beteiligungs GmbH

Michael Müller founded Cepton Strategies, a company that in 2014 sold the Boston's firm CRA. German financial newspaper Capital has called his company the leading strategic consultancy in healthcare, ahead of McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Roland Berger. Müller has led numerous projects involving private equity companies, healthcare groups and investment funds and is an expert in corporate strategy with extensive experience in business development, R&D and M&A.

David Cassak

David Cassak

Managing Partner, Innovation in Medtech LLC

David Cassak is an expert in the medical device industry, with more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. He has also written extensively on medical devices. Formerly VP of Content for Elsevier Business Intelligence (EBI), publishers for the medical device and pharma industries, Cassak launched a new company two years ago with partner Steve Levin called Innovation in Medtech LLC, which publishes The MedTech Strategist, a publication focused on the global medical device industry.

Vishal Gulati

Dr. Vishal Gulati

Venture Partner at Draper Esprit and Chairman of the Digital Health Forum

Dr. Vishal Gulati is one of Europe's leading digital healthcare investors and a venture partner at DFJ Esprit, a firm specializing in digital health that follows the style set by Silicon Valley. He has become a renowned promoter of investment in the emerging digital health sector and presides over the Digital Health Forum. Gulati has more than a decade of experience in VC. He is on the Board of Directors at Horizon Discovery PLC and EcoEos.

John Collins CIMIT

John Collins

Chief Operating Officer and Technology Implementation Director at the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT)

Before joining CIMIT, John spent his career in industry as a leader in technology-driven businesses, with more than 25 years of international experience focused on the accelerated development and commercialization of innovative technology, products and services.

Albert Barberà

Albert Barberà

CEO of Biocat

Albert Barberà has been CEO of Biocat since early 2016, when he took over for Montserrat Vendrell, who is now the director of BIST. Barberà has a degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy and a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the UB. He has studied financial and scientific management, as well as spending time at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Rockefeller University in New York. Barberà spent most of his professional career at IDIBAPS and CIBERDEM, holding positions in science management, and before coming to Biocat he was the director of IDIBGi.

Salim Ismail Exponential Organizations

Salim Ismail

Founder and CEO of Singularity University

Experts consider Salim Ismail the next global guru of technological innovation. He is an eminent figure in Silicon Valley, where he heads up Singularity University, a center promoted by giants like NASA and Google. Formerly president of Yahoo, he has founded several companies that have been acquired by Google and travels around the world giving conferences and advising large companies on the technology transition.

Ella Korets-Smith, directora ejecutiva de TO Health!

Ella Korets-Smith

Executive Director of TO Health!

Ella Korets-Smith is part of the 50% of Toronto’s population originally from abroad. Born in the Ukraine, the current director of the Toronto life sciences cluster TO Health! has extensive experience in marketing and business development in biotechnology and medical devices. This expertise now helps her understand how the sector she is trying to boost and call attention to works from both sides of the aisle.


Esther Dyson

CEO of HICCup and The WaytoWellville

Named one of the most influential women in the United States by Forbes magazine, this entrepreneur and business angel has invested in a wide variety of health start-ups using big data and information technology. Her most recent project is The WaytoWellville, a contest to create and measure the impact of healthcare programs in five communities in the United States.