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Darren Nesbeth

Dr. Darren Nesbeth

lecturer in Synthetic and Molecular Biology at the University College of London and member of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB)

Eduardo Soares 369

Eduardo Emrich Soares

president of the Biominas organization (State of Minas Gerais)

Eduardo Soares is a biologist specializing in biochemistry and molecular biology with a degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and a postgraduate degree in Financial Administration from Fundação Dom Cabral. He has worked as CEO and has been a member of the board of numerous companies like Alvos Biotech, Linhagen, Biocancer and Prodimol. On 17 April, he participated in the workshop "Fostering internationalization (I): Brazil" organized by Biocat, in Barcelona, under the framework of the bioXclusters project.

GUadalupe Gómez 369

Guadalupe Gómez

Biostatistician, Professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the UPC and Vice-President of the Catalan Society of Statistics

Guadalupe Gómez is also director of the joint UPC-UB masters degree in Statistics and Operations Research and co-founder of the BioStatNet research network.

Olga Pol 369

Olga Pol

head of the Molecular Neuropharmacology Group at the Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute and the UAB Institute of Neuroscience


Gao Ronghui

life sciences consultant and president of G-Med Consulting

Bryant Lin

Bryant Lin

Director of the Stanford Consultative Medicine Clinic

Since 2013, Bryant Lin has been the director of the Stanford Consultative Medicine Clinic, where he satisfies his natural curiosity by trying to shed light on medical cases that have exhausted all the normal options. Before landing at Stanford, he got his medical degree from Tufts University (Boston) and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Lin works in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), where he has also brought out his entrepreneuring side, creating several...

Joan Prat

Joan Prat

Head of Ophthalmology at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Joan Prat is an ophthalmologist and, since 2002, has headed up the Ophthalmology Unit at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, where he works and began his career as an innovator. Strabismus, the most common condition among children visiting this public center in Barcelona, gave him the idea to create a new device that he has patented in Western Europe, parts of Asia and North America. 

Lluís Chico

Lluis Chico

Director of Neos Surgery

The company led by Lluís Chico, Neos Surgery, has already established a first family of products for cranial surgery and is now taking an ambitious leap to focus on the spine. Chico measures each word, gives thanks for each step and is aware of the company’s positive growth, with turnover now at €1.7 millions. However this industrial engineer’s words are marked by prudence, putting his colleagues at the heart of the company that undoubtedly also benefits from the surgeons’ eyes to launch products to market. 


Alfons Nonell

CEO and founder of Mind the Byte

Pharmacist Alfons Nonell decided that the back room wasn’t the place for him and his curiosity led him to experiment with cloud technology before it was common in his sector. Four years ago, seeing the future potential of the cloud, he started up Mind the Byte at the Barcelona Science Park. This bioinformatics company specializing in computer-aided drug design has six employees creating products and providing services with pay-per-use SaaS technology.


Ana Maiques

Co-founder of Starlab

In 2000, Ana Maiques co-founded the neuroscience research company Starlab with her husband, physicist Giulio Ruffini. The spin-off Neuroelectrics, created to market high-tech products including the Enobio and Starstim brain stimulation and reading caps, now sees 50% of its turnover from Europe and 35% from the United States, where they have a subsidiary and collaborate with top-notch world-renowned centers like MIT.