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This April closes with a new opportunity for the life sciences and healthcare sector: the submission of Barcelona's candidacy as the city to host the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority headquarters. 

We have also enjoyed an emblematic day in Catalonia: the feast day of Sant Jordi. To celebrate it and bring science, innovation and entrepreneurship closer to society, ...


This March is ending with a sudden sad farewell to Josep Baselga, a major global touchstone from the BioRegion in oncological research and the treatment of breast cancer and one of the prime driving forces behind the concept of personalized medicine.


This February has been marked, to a large extent, by the European recovery funds that are keeping a close eye on the BioRegion. And in hospitals, activity continues to keep up the pace of research.

Destaquem gener 2021

During January the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have been administrated. In the BioRegion, the year got off to a strong start for a good number of startups, which have received funding, and for some local pharmaceutical corporations.


Covid-19 pandemic has boosted cutting-edge research and innovation, reaching a record investment for companies in the BioRegion 


We compile the most relevant events of this October in which not even the second wave of the Covid-19 has managed to stop the activity in the BioRegion


The 'BioRegion 2020 Report - Challenges Ahead' brings good news to start the academic year