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Start-up generation

QREM startup generation biocat

Josep M. Escuer and Núria Noguera

CEO and CTO, Co-founders of QREM


Josep M. Escuer is an industrial engineer, PDD by ESADE. After 20 years in the automotive sector, he turned to health technology, where he has been working in business development, marketing and sales for 8 years. He is co-founder and CEO of  QREM.

Núria Noguera is a physicist and material engineer. She has been developing medical products for 16 years, the last 13 years in private companies transforming the ideas and needs of medical professionals into commercial products. She is Co-Founder and CTO of QREM.

Jesus Purroy Avida Biotech

Jesús Purroy

Founder of Àvida Biotech

Doctor in Biology and PDD at IESE, after a few years as a researcher in molecular biology Jesús Purroy was the Scientific Director of the Parc Científic de Barcelona. Àvida Biotech is the second biotech startup he co-founds. He has been involved in other entrepreneurship projects as a mentor or consultant. He devotes part of his time to communication of science in the form of books and lectures.

Maria Pau Ginebrs Mimetis entrevista Biocat

Maria Pau Ginebra

Co-founder of Mimetis Biomaterials

Maria Pau Ginebra is a professor at the UPC and an associate researcher at the IBEC. In 2013, she co-founded Mimetis Biomaterials, a spin-off of the UPC that is developing new biomaterials for bone regeneration. She is the only Catalan among the twelve finalists for the 2018 EU Prize for Women Innovators, which will be awarded in June.

MJN Neuroserveis Startup Generation Biocat

Salva Gutiérrez

Co-Founder, CEO-CFO and Financial Chief of MJN Neuroserveis

Salva Gutiérrez is an economist and has a degree in Business Administration and Management. He is an investment and equity manager, with more than 25 years of experience in family offices. In 2012, with David Blánquez and Xavier Raurich, he founded MJN Neuroserveis, motivated by the daughter of one of the founders, who has epilepsy. They’ve developed a device to predict seizures in patients with this condition.

Cristian Pascual Mediktor

Cristian Pascual

Co-founder and CEO of Mediktor

Cristian Pascual has a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Esade and the Carlson School of Management. For 18 years, he held various executive positions at large companies in a variety of sectors. Then, in 2011, he founded Mediktor with Oscar García-Esquirol, a physician, intensive care specialists and medical soul of the project. “Now I am completely focused on revolutionizing the healthcare world,” says Pascual. Plus, he has been a business angel for the past 12 years and is involved in roughly 15 start-ups.

Ray G. Butler

Ray G. Butler

Founder and CEO of Butler Scientifics

My childhood, my education and my professional career have always been tied to software development,” says Ray G. Butler, founder and CEO of Butler Scientifics. Ten years ago, he began taking this knowledge to the world of scientific research as director of R&D for a company in the sector. He rounded out his profile with an executive MBA. “This training,” he recognizes, “really helped me understand the complex web of business and the vital importance of human relationships with clients, collaborators, partners and investors.”