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Start-up generation


Carla Zaldúa

co-founder and CEO of acceXible

Carla is the co-founder and CEO of acceXible, a startup focused on detecting illnesses through speech analysis. The entrepreneur has launched several digital transformation projects in the healthcare and education sectors. She was trained in Information Systems and Communication at the London School of Economics and in Political Sociology at the University of Deusto.


Tomàs Lóbez Pérez

CEO of Nixi for Children

Tomàs is CEO of Nixi for Children. He studied design and has been a lecturer and professor at schools including ESADE and EINA. 
His company has received various institutional recognitions like the DKV Impacte award for best health technology initiative and the BizBarcelona award for best Covid-19 initiative from Barcelona Activa.


Gabriela Jiménez Valerio

CEO d’Angiotheragnostics

Gabriela Jiménez Valerio is the CEO of Angiotheragnostics. She has a solid scientific background in molecular biology and knowledge of business development. She also says that she has the ability to “identify innovation opportunities and provide society with new sources of value.


Avencia Sánchez-Mejías

Co-founder and CEO of Integra Therapeutics

Avencia Sánchez-Mejías is the co-founder and CEO of Integra Therapeutics. She has a solid scientific background in clinical genetics, molecular oncology and synthetic biology. She has spent her career at research institutes associated with university hospitals in several countries, including Spain, the United States and Singapore. In recent years, she has focused on transferring the knowledge generated at these institutions to society, through entrepreneurship.


José Ibeas

Founder of Anais Medical

José Ibeas is the Coordinator of the Clinical, Interventional, and Computational Nephrology Group at the Parc Taulí I3PT (CICN) He is co-director of the Master's in Artificial Intelligence in the Mixed Unit–Engineering School of the Autonomous University of Barcelona . He is the former president of VAS and the vice-president of GEMAV.


Antoni Matilla

Founder of Biointaxis

Antoni Matilla is the founder of the spinoff Biointaxis as well as Director of the Neurogenetics Research Unit at the Institute for Health Science Research Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP). He is a researcher, doctor and entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in research and business management in Catalonia, United States and United Kingdom. Since 1990, his research has focused on understanding and curing hereditary ataxias, a group of minority hereditary neurodegenerative diseases that have no cure so far.