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Start-up generation


Natalia Adler

Co-founder and CEO of Pebble Analytics

Natalia Adler holds a master in Human Rights from Columbia University and a French Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated summa cum laude and with the highest honors. She spent over 14 years with UNICEF in Africa, Central and South America, and in the US. She has conceptualized and led the Data Collaboratives initiative with NYU’s GovLab and other partners, which leverages data from companies like Bloomberg, Telefonica and Microsoft to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges, including epidemics, suicide or migration.



Judit Cubedo

CEO and co-founder of GlyCardial Diagnostics

Judit Cubedo has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the UB and an MBA, plus 15 years of experience as a researcher working on studies to identify new biomarkers for cardiovascular disease and develop new diagnostic methods. She has published 35 scientific papers, is the co-inventor on 4 patents and has received numerous awards. One of them was from the MIT Technology Review for the invention that led to the company GlyCardial Diagnostics in 2017, where she is now CEO. 


Mariano Vázquez

CTO and co-founder of ELEM Biotech

Mariano Vázquez has a PhD in Physics and started working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center in 2005 as a researcher, using the Mare Nostrum supercomputer. There, with one of his colleagues, he created simulation software that can be applied in a variety of fields, including aeronautics, the automotive industry, wind power and biomedical research. The latter has been the most successful application, especially for cardiac research. After receiving several grants and taking part in international collaborations with the software developed, he co-founded ELEM Biotech in 2018.



Alfons Carnicero

CEO and co-founder of ABLE Human Motion

A health entrepreneur who has participated in different courses on entrepreneurship and acceleration programs, Alfons Carnicero earned his Master’s in Industrial and Biomedical Engineering from the UPC. He later worked in the MedTech industry in the areas of product development, clinical evaluation and manufacturing. In 2018, he co-founded ABLE Human Motion, where he is currently the CEO.


Jordi Martorell and Noemí Balà

CEO and CTO, Cofounders of Aortyx

Jordi Martorell studied Chemical Engineering at IQS and did his master’s and PhD work at IQS and MIT. He has been the youngest professor at the IQS School of Engineering for 5 years and, since 2017, the head of a research group. Noemí Balà studied Chemistry at the UB and has a master in Pharmaceutical chemistry from IQS. While doing the final project for her master’s degree, at IQS and MIT, she started working with Jordi. After that, she started the PhD program, continuing with the same line of research, the basis for starting up Aortyx in 2018, where they are currently CEO and CTO.


Marta Barrachina

CEO and co-founder of ADmit Therapeutics

Marta Barrachina has a PhD in Biochemistry from the UB and an MBA, having spent 20 years in biomedical research leading competitive projects, directing PhD dissertations and experimental masters. She has always included a translational approach in her research, which is clear in the 6 patents she holds. In 2018, she founded ADmit Therapeutics a spin-off of IDIBELL where she is the CEO.