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Start-up generation


Samantha López, Oliver Balcells and Joan Grasas

Co-founders of RheoDx

Samantha López has a degree in Biology and a master in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, with experience in molecular biology and data analysis. Oliver Balcells has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA, experience in finance and venture capital. Joan Grasas has degrees in Telecommunications engineering and Market research and a master in Engineering Management and international Business Administration, and experience in Business Management and Innovation. These three profiles came together to co-found RheoDX, where they are currently the CSO, CEO and CPO, respectively.


Enrique Hernández

Founder and CEO of Loop Dx

In 2017, he finished his PhD at Hospital La Paz in Madrid, analyzing immune response in several diseases, including sepsis. He published more than 25 papers in 5 years but decided to pivot his career by joining the d·HEALTH Barcelona program promoted by Biocat. During the program, he did a clinical immersion at Institut Guttmann, where he came up with the idea that has led to his start-up: Loop Dx.


Josep Gatell

CEO of Swan Medical

He has a degree in Industrial engineering and an MBA from IESE. He worked for the Werfen group for 25 years, as general manager of the Group Hospital, and has started up several companies that manufacture and/or distribute products in the medical sector since 2003: Nefro-Ión (2003), Cardiolink (2004), Ilerimplant (2005) and Swan Medical (2016).


Maria Berruezo

Co-founder of LactApp

Maria Berruezo's resume isn't what you would normally expect of a digital health entrepreneur. She has a degree in Advertising and Strategic Relations and a master in Knowledge Management. She founded her own communication agency. Becoming a mother, however, turned her professional career on its head: she trained as a lactation consultant and founded LactApp, which brings together all of her interests: breastfeeding, women, social impact and communication.


Albert Jané

Co-founder and CEO of Vytrus Biotech

Albert Jané has a degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry from the UAB and a Master in Experimentation in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has worked in R&D, quality control and customer service departments at several companies in the chemistry and textile sectors. In 2009, he co-founded Vytrus Biotech and is CEO of the company.

Walter Sanseverino Sequentia Biotech

Walter Sanseverino

Co-founder and CEO of Sequentia Biotech

He has a PhD in Genomics and spent more than ten years doing research in biotechnology and genetics, with over 35 papers published in high-impact scientific journals. In 2013, he founded Sequentia with Riccardo Aiese Cigliano and currently balances his position at the helm of the company with teaching, giving classes in genomics at universities in Spain (UAB and UPF) and Italy (Sapienza, in Roma, and Federico II, in Naples). He is a councilor for the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (SIGA) and works to promote proper use of green biotechnology.