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In 5-weeks of clinical immersion d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows have identified about 1,000 unmet clinical needs

The proposed solutions will opt to a $ 200,000 (150,000 euros) prize for their development.

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By Biocat

In late October, Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) program fellows started the clinical immersion stage that will provide innovations to the Catalan health system. Until now, they have identified about 1,000 unmet clinical needs.

For eight weeks, the students divided into three groups, will be immersed in the routines of three internationally renowned clinical settings that collaborate with the program: Hospital Clínic, Guttmann Institute and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. During this time, they are interacting with medical staff and patients, being present in consultations, surgeries and participating in all the activities involved in providing medical assistance with one goal: to identify unmet medical needs to later develop innovative solutions.

At Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows are immersed at... More information on the post From bedside to bench to bedside publicado en el blog and on the Moebio webiste.

Follow the program on Twitter @moebiobarcelona with the hashtag #dHEALTHBcn.

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d·HEALTH Barcelona team at the Guttmann Institute.