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9 startups from the BioRegion carried out virtual immersion in Silicon Valley and New York ecosystems

During the sessions, participants were given an overview of both ecosystems by local experts. The Virtual Disruptour program by Biocat and ACCIÓ is now in its second edition

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Nine companies from the BioRegion have participated digitally in a virtual immersion in Silicon Valley and New York's healthcare and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The initiative, organized by Biocat and ACCIÓ (Silicon Valley and New York office) under the name Virtual Disruptour, has allowed participating companies and projects to meet and interact with investors, companies and pioneering academic stakeholders in the US healthcare sector. The startups participating in this second edition were ADmit Therapeutics SL, Aniling, Aromics, Doctomatic, Glycardial Diagnostics, MiMARK Diagnostics, Mangrana Ventures, Singularity Biomed i The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions. 

During the sessions, participants got an overview of the two ecosystems and local experts explained how innovation takes place in their companies and what requirements are necessary to be able to develop a project in a more successful way. Some of the recommendations they shared are: 

  • Fail Fast: have a high risk tolerance 
  • KPIs: set and be very clear about the indicators 
  • Data: the use of data is taking center stage in many business models 
  • Define the problems: be clear about WHAT the problem is, WHO has the problem and WHO will pay for it. 
  • Partnership: importance of choosing the right partner 
  • Regulation: be clear about the FDA's regulatory barriers, mainly safety
  • Sustainability and personalized medicine: two trends to be put at the heart of companies' mission 
  • Collaborations: It is necessary to look for collaborations with other companies
  • Final general recommendations: persistence, networking, creativity and empathy, anticipation and thinking big 
The final objective of the event is to explore different ecosystems in the healthcare sectors online, learn about various examples of disruptive innovations, discover emerging technologies, new business and sectoral trends that can inspire and contribute to defining the participants' business strategy in the medium and long term.