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American David Tilman wins tenth Ramon Margalef Award for Ecology

This scientist stands out for his research on how biodiversity affects the way ecosystems work

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American ecologist David Tilman has won the tenth Ramon Margalef Award for being one of the most influential leaders in the field of ecology, above all on how biodiversity affects the way ecosystems work.

The panel of judges chose Tilman because “he is a true leader in the field of ecology and, through his scientific production, has contributed many new ideas that have had a lasting effect on the field of ecology." Moreover, the panel highlighted that this researcher “has opened up new areas of study followed by many ecologists, who can now be considered his intellectual children.”

Some of his innovative ideas include a resource-competition model that shows biodiversity is essential for stable, productive ecosystems, and that corroborates the importance of protecting endangered species. Lately, Tilman has focused his research on issues related to sustainability, specifically regarding agriculture and biofuel production.

Tilman is the McKnight Presidential Chair in Ecology, professor at the University of Minnesota and Santa Barbara, and a member of the US National Academy of Science. He has also been director of the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve since 1992 and has received numerous international awards for his contribution to science.

He will collect the 2014 Ramon Margalef Award for Ecology in October at a ceremony at the Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona. The award comes with a €80,000 prize and was created by the Government of Catalonia to honor the memory of professor Ramon Margalef and his key contributions to the modern field of ecology. 


Renowned ecologist David Tilman has won this year’s Ramon Margalef Award.