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Ana Maiques, woman innovator 2014

The co-founder and CEO of Starlab won third prize in the 2014 Women Innovator Contest

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Ana Maiques, co-founder and CEO of the company Starlab, won third prize in the European Commission (EC) 2014 Women Innovator Contest. First prize went to Saskia Biskup (Germany) and second to Laura van‘t Veer (Netherlands). This award recognizes the work of entrepreneurial women who have promoted innovative companies of scientific excellence. First prize is €100,000, second is €50,000 and third is €25,000.

According to data from the She Figures report published by the EC, women occupy 30% of all executive positions in companies and make up 33% of the research community. Although the gender gap tends to close, European Commissioner for Research Innovation and Science Máire Geoghegan-Quinn said this gender gap “is a waste of talent that we cannot afford. We have to foster gender equality and also raise the profile of successful women innovators.”

The company started by Ana Maiques, Starlab Living Sciences, is based in Barcelona and focuses on research and innovation in the fields of space and neuroscience. Furthermore, Maiques is a member of the new CataloniaBIO board constituted in late January 2014.

Video on Ana Maiques for the 2014 Women Innovators Contest.

More information is available in the press release or on the contest website.

Geoghegan-Quinn, Rutte, Van't Veer, Biskup and Maiques with Durão Barroso. - Photo: © CE