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App to connect retired and active healthcare professionals wins Imagine Express healthcare challenge

The team presented its innovative solution to a need expressed by pharmaceutical company Otsuka at 4YFN and the Japanese company has committed to developing the project

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The winning team in the challenge posed by Otsuka and Biocat for Imagine Express 2017 has designed an app called Ikigai. This innovative solution aims to preserve intergenerational medical legacy by putting retired and active professionals in contact to transfer, foster and generate knowledge. The app focuses on oncology to generate expertise in this area, which is strategic for Otsuka, and the Japanese company has committed to developing the project.

Cristina Coll of Otsuka, Xavi Terradellas of ShaRing&hippotechnologies, and Marcos Real of VidaCaixa –the three team members– presented the app at 4YFN during the closing of Imagine Express on 27 February after a three-day train trip from Barcelona to Paris and London, which they spent developing the ideas alongside other participating teams.


Imagine Express, a 'hackatrain' that follows the Lombard method

Imagine Express is a disruptive innovation program organized by the Imagine Creativity Center that aims to promote and develop innovative and creative mobile applications. Over the 5,000-minute train ride, 36 participants divided in 12 multidisciplinary teams made up of one entrepreneur, one software developer and one creative mind developed apps to address the four challenges launched in healthcare, fintech, smart cities and open.

This was the fourth year of this initiative and Otsuka and Biocat were in charge of the healthcare challenge, focused on responding to a need facing the Japanese pharmaceutical company.

The participants (dreamers) in Imagine Express followed the Lombard work method, created by Imagine CC, which is internationally certified and has four stages: reframing the problem, generating value, prototyping and communicating to turn challenges into tangible proposals. This work method aims to guide and advise participants in creating a project: from the business plan through a public pitch.


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Cristina Coll, Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy manager at Otsuka, during the product presentation at 4YFN - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - Photo: © ImagineCC.

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