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Barcelona Medical Association, Cecot and Biocat present study 'Fostering entrepreneurial professional environments'

More than 300 professionals participated in an event to boost entrepreneurialism in hospitals and research centers on 10 December.

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By Biocat

Yesterday in Barcelona, the Barcelona Medical Association (COMB), the Cecot employers’ association and Biocat presented the study Fostering entrepreneurial professional environments (FEPESS), a document that analyzes and models the COMB Entrepreneurial Doctor program, before some 300 people from various areas of the healthcare innovation arena. Participants included Dr. Jaume Aubia, director of COMB; Mr. Antoni Abad, president of Cecot; Dr. Montserrat Vendrell, CEO of Biocat; Dr. Lluís Pareras, manager of the COMB Business Project Incubation Area and director of Healthequity; and Sr. Marcel Prunera, director of Future Companies.

"Entrepreneurship is an ever more consolidated social value and we must stand by those who take risks without fear of failure," said Abad. During the presentation, Marcel Prunera also pointed out that "the healthcare system generates more than 800 innovative ideas each year and roughly 20 new companies."

This study is one of the actions in the FEPESS initiative launched by these three organizations to spread the Catalan healthcare sector’s business creation and innovation model around Spain and to boost entrepreneurship in hospitals and research centers. In 2011, COMB received 406 innovative ideas from doctors (more than one per day), laid out 60 business plans, 286 doctors started the innovation process and 13 projects received funding. These results back up "the need to clone models for success like this one," said Montserrat Vendrell.

After the presentation of the study, there was a workshop geared towards entrepreneurs, covering the factors to take into account in order for ideas to make it to the market, how to negotiate funding for a project and how to build and grow a start-up.

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Lluís Pareras, Montserrat Vendrell, Jaume Aubia, Antoni Abad and Marcel Prunera during the presentation.