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Biocat opens call to participate in BIO San Diego 2014 fair

Companies and organizations participating with the BioRegion of Catalonia have great visibility and partnering options at the best price.

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By Biocat

The upcoming Biotechnology International Convention (BIO), the most important partnering event for the international biotechnology sector, will take place from 23 to 26 June 2014 in San Diego (California, United States). In 2013, BIO attracted 13,594 delegates from 62 countries, 1,722 exhibitors, 25,573 one-to-one meetings and 800 speakers on the program of conferences. Catalonia sent a delegation of 35 companies and organizations, making up more than half of the Spanish presence at the convention.

Unlike previous years, Biocat is coordinating participation of interested Catalan companies and organizations and will be the liaison for procedures and payments this year (instead of ICEX). There are two participation options with visibility and partnering at the best prices:

  • Option A. With a booth and partnering ticket (Exhibitor Booth Personnel): only for companies. Cost: €2,300 euros (VAT included)
  • Option B. A partnering ticket (Exhibitor Booth Personnel) without a booth: for companies and organizations. Cost: €1,000 euros (VAT included).

Further details and the full application to participate with the Catalan delegation are available at and must be submitted to Biocat by 19 February 2014.


Follow the convention on Twitter with the hashtag #BIO2014

Communications and Institutional Relations Department
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Cristina Seco • Phone +34 93 310 33 69 •


Meetings held by Catalan companies that were part of the Biocat delegation to BIO Chicago 2013.