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Biocat provides grants for Design Health Barcelona program

d·HEALTH Barcelona is a pioneering training initiative to boost innovation based in an immersion in a hospital —Clinic of Barcelona, Sant Joan de Deu and Guttmann— to identify real, unmet needs.

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By Biocat

Biocat will provide up to 12 scholarships to cover 50% of the tuition of the first edition of Design Health Barcelona program (d·HEALTH Barcelona). To be eligible for the grants individuals must:

  • Meet the admission criteria of d·HEALTH Barcelona program,
  • have passed the admission tests,
  • have been selected by the program’s staff as one of the four profiles required to form the multidisciplinary teams of d·HEALTH Barcelona, based on the professional and interpersonal skills of the candidate,
  • have no other financial aid from any other entity, public or private, to join the program.

Exceptionally, this grant could cover 100% of the tuition if the applicant certifies the academic merits and the skills required to be awarded with one of the following support programs of the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR): FI, BE and BP*. If more than 6 candidates meet the aforementioned criteria, the program’s staff will determine who will receive the scholarship based on the educational background, professional experience and interpersonal skills of the applicants.

How to apply

To be eligible, send us an e-mail to as soon as posible mentioning your date of birth, academic background and explaining why you request the scholarship and why you should receive it. You also have to complete and submit the admission form to the program before June 24, 2013.

Selection and communication

The recipients of the scholarship will be selected by d·HEALTH Barcelona program’s recruiting comitee on a session that will take place on July 11, 2013. The final list will be published in Biocat’s website and the winners will also receive a notification by e-mail.

These grants are subjected to the applicable tax rules.

Financing fees

Besides scholarships, Biocat has established special, favorable, financial conditions with a bank company for all the applicants interested. If you want to know more about these terms contact us at

Barcelona Design Health: Inspired in Stanford

d·HEALTH Barcelona is a pioneering training initiative to foster medical innovation, a program in which real, unmet, needs in the clinical environment are the basis for new technologies that will improve the quality of patient care. Inspired by the prestigious Stanford Biodesign Fellowship and FutureMed (Singularity University) programs, d·HEALTH Barcelona is the flagship of Moebio, Biocat’s new project to accelerate healthcare entrepreneurship. For further information (target, faculty, etc.) check out this article.

Follow d·HEALTH Barcelona on Twitter at @moebiobarcelona with the hashtag #dHEALTHBcn

Questions: Moebio • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •

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Biocat presented d·HEALTH on 16 April at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona - Photo: © Biocat, Sergi Cámara.