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Biocat Report 2009 now available in all formats and languages

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The Biocat Report 2009 –the first specific study focusing on the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia – is now available for download on the Biocat website in English, Spanish and Catalan. The print format, which was published in a limited edition, is available upon request from the following email address

The report was presented officially at the BioRegion Forum, held 3 December at Barcelona’s Casa Llotja de Mar, with positive feed-back from businesspeople, researchers and professionals from the sector.

This publication was created in a moment of growth in the sector and the BioRegion of Catalonia –25% of all biotech companies in Spain are Catalan –, and "with the aim of providing a snapshot of the sector and being aware of opportunities for improvement, which are essential to creating the policies for the future we need now”, in the words of the president of the Biocat Executive Committee, Dr. Manel Balcells.

The report, created by the Biocat team in collaboration with a number of experts from the sector (doctors Josep Castells, Lluís Pareras, Pere Puigdomènech and Lluís Ruiz-Ávila), analyze biotech trends in Catalonia and the world, as well as the real situation of companies and research centers working in the BioRegion. The former was carried out using data collected in the Biocat Directory, nearly 150 surveys from 2009, and by cross-referencing and extrapolating data from a number of reports on the sector in Spain.

It also includes an introduction by Dr. Manel Balcells explaining the importance of driving biotechnology as a strategy for our region and by Dr. Montserrat Vendrell, CEO of Biocat, laying out the strengths, weaknesses and challenges for this sector for the future.

Download Biocat Report 2009


The Biocat Report 2009.

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