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Biocat takes debate on how to accelerate innovative start-ups to Biospain 2014

Biocat will also participate in the session promoted by Transbio Sudoe on scientific collaboration and transfer

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Some sixty Catalan companies and institutions will participate in the seventh edition of BioSpain, the international biotechnology event being held in Santiago de Compostela from 24 to 26 September 2014. The event is organized by the Spanish Bioindustry Association (Asebio), the Government of Galicia, the University of Santiago de Compostela, the University of Vigo and the Santiago City Council

Biocat is once again actively collaborating with Biospain and is organizing a round table on models to accelerate innovative start-ups, on 24 September (11:30 am - 1:00 pm) as part of the European clusters track. Additionally, as a partner in the European Transbio Sudoe project, Biocat is co-organizing and participating in a debate on technology transfer and collaboration among regions in southern Europe, also part of the aforementioned track.

Round table: Accelerating innovation in healthcare, challenges and opportunities

Innovation is a key strategic priority in the healthcare sector, both for companies and healthcare providers. There are various strategies and tools to accelerate the innovation process, including business accelerators, which provide start-ups with both technical support and quality guidance including access to sources of funding.

On 24 September, Biocat CEO Montserrat Vendrell will moderate a round table at Biospain on the acceleration process in healthcare from the point of view of different stakeholders, the challenges and needs these initiatives must address. The debate will bring together representatives from a private accelerator (Celine Druilhe, vice-president of Healthbox, USA), a Catalan start-up (Carlos Arias, CEO of iMicroQ), a venture capital fund (Inmaculada Valle Asencio, investment analyst with Caixa Capital Risc) and a corporate investor (Jose Terencio, COO of Gri-cel, in the Grífols group).

More information on the round table is available on the Biospain website

Transbio Sudoe: Improving collaborative research and technology transfer in the regions of southern Europe

The Biospain program also features a session organized by the European Transbio Sudoe project, which Biocat is a partner in. Transbio Sudoe is a transnational cooperation project devoted to innovation in the life sciences in southwestern Europe. The project brings together research labs, companies with technology platforms, competitiveness clusters and technology transfer offices from regions in southern Europe in the fields of health and biotechnology.

The Transbio Sudoe session will also take place on 24 September (1:00 - 2:00 pm) and will give an overview of the activities carried out through this project, highlighting the results and experiences of institutions backed by Transbio Sudoe.

Moreover, the project will have a booth in the exhibition area of the fair (E 14-16 / F 13-15), which will also be Biocat’s space at BioSpain, providing support for Catalan organizations participating in the event.

More information on the TRANSBIO SUDOE presentation is available on the Biospain website.


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Biocat will be present at Biospain 2014 at the TRANSBIO SUDOE booth.

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