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Biochemize and Polyclone sign collaboration agreement in field of enzyme engineering

The agreement came out of Catalan participation in the European Business and Technology Center’s biotechnology mission to India

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Biochemize, a Catalan firm focusing on product design and development based on biocatalysis and microbial fermentation to manufacture pharmaceutical active ingredients, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indian biotechnology company Polyclone.

The agreement will allow the two companies to collaborate on enzyme engineering, a field with multiple applications within the different subsectors of biotechnology.

This MoU is the result of the biotechnology mission to India that the European Business and Technology Center (EBTC) organized last year. During the mission, a delegation of Catalan companies had the opportunity to participate in partnering sessions held to foster business and research relations between the European Union and India.

Dr. Jaume Mir, CEO of Biochemize, says that this collaboration will strengthen both companies’ strategic synergies and science/technology platforms so that “experimental results and the in silico models will boost the capacity for launching new, more specific enzymes” that can help better meet the needs of their clients.

For his part, Polyclone CEO Naveen Kulkarni believes that the company’s in silico Enzyme Engineering Framework provides a bridge to develop better enzymes and that “the partnership with Biochemize brings to the table the knowledge about enzymes and assays that are relevant and industrially important to embark on a journey to bring productivity to businesses.”

Biochemize and Polyclone signing a collaboration agreement in the field of enzyme engineering.- Photo: © EBTC

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