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Biotechnological solutions for SMEs in other sectors

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Last Friday 28th March, Montserrat Vendrell (Biocat managing director) and Lluís Ruiz (Asebio) presented the session "Biotechnological solutions for SMEs in pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors” at Barcelona Activa facilities.

The session was organized by ASEBIO (Asociación Española de Empresas Biotecnológicas) with the objective of introducing biotechnology as a competitiveness tool, which can offer new business opportunities to mature companies in other sectors.

During the act, speakers of ten different companies (IUCT, Advancell, Biotecnology Institute, Bionaturis, Biomedal, Biopolis, Activery Biotech, Laimat, Gaiker and Infinitec) presented their experiences. They have found several benefits in this application, which has helped them to increase their products’ margins and added value, as well as processes efficiency. It has also helped their companies to reduce environmental impact or to valorise by-products and waste, among others.

The session is part of the project “Biotecnología: Vector de competitividad", which is sponsored by ASEBIO with the collaboration of MITYC, an ambitious initiative within the activities of the Programa Nacional Innoempresa. Its main objective is to support innovation in small and medium companies.

Biocat wants to collaborate in the organization of this sector meeting, which was born from the agreement with the Spanish biotechnological association with the main aim of bringing initiatives to Catalan companies and help the promotion and innovation of Catalan biotechnology sector.

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