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BLE&Health shows how innovation is transforming the health sector

Moebio and usMIMA have been selected to present their projects at the event

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Social-based initiative Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs (BLE) is holding an event entitled BLE&Health: the health field transformed by innovation on 2 December at the old Damm factory.

BLE&Health will bring together a group of health entrepreneurs who will speak about how Barcelona is dealing with the need to innovate and to attract and retain talented entrepreneurs who put their ideas into practice. The session will also address issues like which areas and types of technology are being used by local researchers, how these breakthroughs improve quality of life, and what investors are looking for when investing in health innovation. These issues will be discussed by representatives of some of the top initiatives and projects in the sector.

Moebio and the goal of accelerating health entrepreneurship

One of the projects selected to participate in BLE&Health is Moebio, a Biocat initiative that seeks to promote entrepreneurship at the crossroads of technology, bioscience, health and business management through various different training sessions. The initiative will be presented by Academic Director Jorge Juan Fernández, who will also present the life sciences business start-up program BioEmprenedroXXI, an initiative of Barcelona Activa, Biocat and "la Caixa".

Jorge Juan Fernández will speak about the opportunities available in Barcelona in terms of health entrepreneurship. To support business initiatives, Barcelona has large-scale facilities, universities, knowledge institutes, science parks and a diversified economy. The city brings together 50% of all researchers in Spain and 40% of all European funds received.

The main program under the Moebio umbrella is Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona), a postgraduate course that guides talented multidisciplinary teams through the process of identifying new opportunities and developing innovative technology in the hospital setting with the aim of addressing the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare sector on a global scale. The course, inspired by the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship, brings together top students with researchers, great entrepreneurs, investors and innovative organizations. The first d·HEALTH Barcelona class has created the usMIMa company and the KOCOON project, both of which are finalists in this year’s BioEmprendorXXI awards to be given out on 3 December.

usMIMA, health innovation success story born out of d·HEALTH Barcelona

usMIMa will present their device to combat chronic constipation at BLE&Health. This is a non-pharmacological, non-invasive solution without side effects that is effective in treating intestinal dysfunction affecting people suffering from spinal-cord injuries or neurological diseases. Four fellows from the first class of d·HEALTH Barcelona are behind usMIMa, which was just set up as a company in November.

The event will also feature representatives of other innovative projects, including Mobile World Capital, Ysios, Insights in Life Sciences, Neuroelectrics and Genocosmetics, who will analyze the present and future of the healthcare sector. 

Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs holds events to drive entrepreneurship in different business sectors. - Photo: © BLE

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