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Botín reiterates Banco Santander support to the PCB, one of the main BioRegion assets

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The PCB has been host today for the main personalities of the scientific, economic and academic areas during the inauguration of the Helix Building and the bioincubator PCB-Santander. During the act, Botín has reiterated their support to the University of Barcelona. Montilla has assured that Catalonia will know how to pay back this confidence.

This 30th January 2008, the Parc Científic de Barcelona has opened the new Helix Building and the Bioincubator PCB-Santander. The inauguration act has had speeches of the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, José Montilla, the mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, Banco Santander's President, Emilio Botín, University of Barcelona's President, Màrius Rubiralta, and the PCB general director, Fernando Albericio.
The Helix building is a new space with over 6.500 m2 for groups' laboratories and public and companies research centres. In this space, we also find the new Bioincubator PCB-Santander, where 10 spin-off companies of emerging areas of life sciences will set.

Numerous personalities of the scientific, financial and academic area were present in the act. Marius Rubiralta and Emilio Botín have signed an agreement for the new contribution of the bank to the revaluation research funds that coordinates the AVCRI.

In his speech, PCB President Rubiralta has alluded to the park's future, looking to year 2011 as horizon, when the park expects to reach 90.000 m2 at the country's service. According to Rubiralta, knowledge is the solution to problems in the future and highlights the Diagonal campus taking shape within this enlargement strategy of the Knowledge portal. He reminds that this Park is a BioRegion asset and a mainstay of the National Pact subscribing all research agents.

In his turn, Botín has made reference to the distinguished UB role in research and innovation in all Spain. He has briefly gone through 10 years of history of the collaboration between Banco Santander and the UB and has announced that this university will be able to continue counting with the support of the bank. Finally, Botín has thanked the president Rubiralta for his world-wide leadership in the knowledge transfer.

The mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, has highlighted the role of the Barcelona City Council in the knowledge portal configuration, PCB. Some 10 years ago, the Geography and History faculties were moved downtown, converting knowledge into value (Barcelona being a historical model of collaboration of the triple helix.) The mayor has thanked the president of Banco Santander his help to this model.

The president of the Generalitat, José Montilla, has mentioned PCB as international referent and has thanked the Santander Group and its commitment. He assured firmly that Barcelona and Catalonia will know how to pay back this confidence with facts.

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