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Buddy Fit, wins Imagine Express 2015 in Health category

The project addresses the challenge launched by Sanofi and Social Diabetes ‘How can we mobilize patients with type-2 diabetes to lead a more active lifestyle?’

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Buddy Fit, an application designed with diabetics in mind that promotes physical exercise, was the project chosen in the health category of Imagine Express 2015, an innovation initiative that fosters the generation of ideas.

The project provides a solution to the challenge posed by Sanofi and Social Diabetes: How can we mobilize patients with type-2 diabetes to lead a more active lifestyle? This is part of the Diabeting project, which Biocat is collaborating on, and was launched under the umbrella of the Imagine Express contest to identify and implement the best technological proposals.

The main aim of the Diabeting project is to find an effective solution to help people with type-2 diabetes lead a more active lifestyle. The key of the challenge was “mobilize”. Mobilize in two ways: to get people with type-2 diabetes to move more and to give them a technological solution to help them lead a more active lifestyle.

Thus, the app created by Oliver Pou, Santiago Flores and Albert Cerezo joins patients with buddies who are responsible for the physical fitness of diabetic patients and for motivating them to continue doing exercise.

The winners in each category of the contest (health, culture/tourism, social and open theme) presented their projects at 4YFN on 2 March, under the framework of the Mobile World Congress. They did so after returning from a three-day train trip from Barcelona to Paris and London. During the trip, their ideas became a project and the members of each team began to develop their prototype and business plan. 

Winning projects from Imagine Express 2015. - © Photo: Imagine Express

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