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A delegation of the Consular Corps accredited in Barcelona shows interested for the Barcelona Science Park

Diplomatic representatives of 27 countries visited yesterday the PCB and the National Center for Genome Analysis, second in sequencing capacity in Europe.

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By Biocat

A prominent representation of the Consular Corps accredited in Barcelona visited yesterday the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), as part of an initiative by the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Catalonia and the support of Biocat, the purpose of which is to inform diplomatic representatives of the international mainstays for innovation in our country.

The delegation was composed of diplomatic representatives from 27 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey , Czech Republic and China.

The welcome ceremony was chaired by Senén Florensa, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Catalan Government; Salvador Maluquer, PCB general director, and Montserrat Vendrell, CEO of Biocat. Next, the delegation visited the facilities of the National Center for Genome Analysis (CNAG), created in 2009 with the support of the former Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Government of Catalonia as a platform integrated into the PCB Foundation and whose mission is to ensure the international competitiveness of Catalonia in the strategic area of genomics. At present, CNAG has a team of 40 highly qualified professionals and is equipped with 12 latest-generation sequencers, which has enabled the center to obtain a sequencing capacity of up to 600 Gbases/day (the equivalent of sequencing six human genomes per day). The CNAG has the second largest sequencing capacity in Europe.

The diplomatic delegation with Senén Florensa, Salvador Maluquer and Montserrat Vendrell.

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