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Emergence Forum hosts over 140 attendees from 8 regions of Southern Europe

The event was centered around innovation in human health and agrofood.

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More than 140 participants, including companies, research centers, technology transfer offices and science and technology platforms, attended the Transbio Sudoe Emergence Forum on innovation in human health and agrofood held in Barcelona on April 10 and 11.

The event, organized by Biocat, forms part of the Transbio Interreg Sudoe project and follows the forum held in Montpellier from 25 to 27 September, 2013. In this Southern Europe project, Catalonia and other partners from France, Portugal and Spain seek to promote the transfer of health sciences research projects to market. The Catalan institutions involved in the project are Biocat, Barcelona Science Park (PCB), the UAB Research Park and CataloniaBIO.

The CEO of VCN Biosciences, Manel Cascalló, opened the inaugural session, during which he shared his experiences in entrepreneurship and the transfer of projects to market. Following this, around 40 experts in human health and agrofood took part in several sessions from the program, while in parallel sessions of partnering more than 200 meetings were hold. The aim of these sessions was to encourage collaborative projects between Catalonia and the other regions.

In the previous session of the Emergence Forum, held on April 9, Transbio Sudoe members and representatives from the academic and business world in other regions had the opportunity to see first hand the facilities at Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and the MareNostrum supercomputer of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). During the visit to the park, two companies based there, Ordesa and Endor Technologies, told attendees about their experience in the PCB.

Rémy Poupot, director of the TRANSBIO project, in one of the sessions of the Emergence Forum.