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Ernst&Young and Biocat present 'Catalonia Life Sciences Report' at BIO 2012

72 Catalan companies and organizations to travel to BIO Boston, the benchmark global fair for the biotechnology sector, from 18 to 21 June.

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By Biocat

A total of 50 companies, 22 organizations and more than 100 delegates make up the delegation from the BioRegion of Catalonia to the twentieth edition of the BIO International Convention, which will be held in Boston (United States) from 18 to 21 June 2012. This year, BIO will bring together more than 15,000 delegates from 65 countries, more than 900 exhibitors and 1,800 companies. The exhibition hall is complemented by the Business Forum, where partnering meeting will be held. In 2011, more than 21,000 one-to-one meetings were held.

The Spanish pavilion at BIO Boston is broken down by bioregion and, as in 2011, participants will be from Catalonia, the Basque Country and Andalusia. The pavilion, which measures 600 square meters, will have 54 booths, 32 of which are from the BioRegion of Catalonia, 8 from the Andalusia BioRegion, 7 from BioBasque, and the remaining 7 from the rest of the country. Biocat, which is coordinating the Catalan delegation for the sixth consecutive year, will have its own space in the center of the pavilion (booth 437), which will be used by 18 other companies and 22 research and sector-support organizations.

Most of the Catalan companies traveling to BIO (72%) carry out activities in the human health arena, both producing new drugs and therapies and in the fields of diagnostics and vaccines. Seventeen percent of the companies work in animal health. Companies that apply biotechnology in the agrifood sector (4%) and to industrial bioprocesses (10%) will also participate. The delegation is rounded off with companies that provide consultancy services related to different areas: business development, legal issues and venture capital, among others.

The BioRegion of Catalonia, led by Barcelona, has become one of the great biotechnology hubs of southern Europe and the benchmark cluster for biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology. Twenty one percent of registered biotechnology companies in Spain are based in Catalonia. In total, the Catalan biotech sector has an annual turnover of €15,600 millions, making up 30% of the business volume in this sector in the country. The Catalan delegation to BIO makes up 60% of the total Spanish representation and in absolute values is significantly larger than those from countries like Brazil, China, India and Russia.

Business opportunities in Catalonia

Under the framework of this year’s BIO, the prestigious international consultancy firm Ernst&Young, a global benchmark in the analysis of the biopharmaceutical and medical technology markets, will present their Catalonia Life Sciences Report 2011, created from data on the sector collected by Biocat. Each year, Ernst&Young publishes —and presents at BIO— the Beyond Borders report, which is one of the most well-known benchmark analyses on a global level. Periodically, Ernst&Young publishes studies on specific countries, but this one devoted to Catalonia is the first to focus on a bioregion and not an entire nation.

The event presenting the report, which will take place at the Ernst&Young central headquarters in Boston, will feature Glen Giovanetti, global director for the biotechnology sector at Ernst&Young; Montserrat Vendrell, CEO of Biocat; Susan R. Windham-Bannister, president of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center; Silvia Ondategui Parra, head of the Health and Pharmaceuticals sector in the Ernst&Young consultancy area; and, to close the event, President of the Government of Catalonia Artur Mas, who will lead the Catalan business delegation traveling to BIO.

Complete information on the Catalan delegation to BIO is available at

Glen Giovanetti, global director for the biotechnology sector at Ernst&Young.