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€10 millions to invest in high-technology companies in the life sciences

InKemia, which now has a network of 14 companies in the healthcare sector, is creating a new fund for start-ups and spin-offs

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InKemia, a Catalan group that focuses on the field of biotechnology and knowledge, is preparing a new €10-millions fund to invest in high-technology start-ups and spin-offs in the life sciences, called InKemia Fond-ICO Global.

The firm already has €8 millions tied down. Specifically, nearly €5 millions will come through the Fond-ICO Global call (held by the Instituto de Crédito Oficial), which Inkemia was recently awarded. The rest is coming from smaller investors that are committed to the project and the group, as the company explains.

InKemia, which is listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB), already holds a share in 14 companies in a variety of sectors associated with the life sciences, two of which are based abroad (United States and United Kingdom).


Josep Castells Inkemia

Josep Castells heads up the InKemia group.

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