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European research bodies can now submit proposals to organize courses in oncology and neurology under the B·Debate framework

The new EIT Health initiative is organized by Biocat, the ”la Caixa” Foundation and Medicen Paris with collaboration from Meditecnologia

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Through 11 March, healthcare professionals (scientists, doctors) working at European research bodies can submit ideas for courses on oncology or neurobiology to join the Short Courses 2020 program, an initiative of EIT Health organized by Biocat, the ”la Caixa” Foundation and Medicen Paris under the framework of B·Debate with collaboration from Meditecnologia.

A scientific committee will select some of the submitted proposals, on oncology and neurology. The two courses will take place in October and November 2020 in Barcelona and Paris, lasting 1 or 2 days. The chosen research bodies will be in charge of organizing the scientific program and the logistics for the event will be taken care of by the promoting bodies.

The proposals submitted should be ideas for courses in these two therapeutic areas that are groundbreaking, interdisciplinary and international, featuring transversal activities to support research and share the results of the event.

The Short Courses aim to boost the international projection of healthcare research projects and facilitate transfer to society, in addition to creating or strengthening international collaborative networks and promoting synergies to create new projects and collaborations with experts in each area.

Fill out this form to submit your proposal for the Short Courses 2020 call.