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EuroTransBio - ERA NET Call for projects

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The 3rd EuroTransBio - ERA NET funding announcement is addressed to innovation collaborative projects in the area of the biotechnology.

The projects have to be presented by transnational consortiums of minimum 2 small companies and have to be oriented to development and improvement of new products, technologies or services. The fast and efficient introduction to the market strategy is relevant in the project description.


- Beneficiaries: consortiums of a minimum of 2 SMEs with at least 2 different participant countries (Austria, Spain, Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Holland). In the consortiums can also participate R+D centres (as contractors), but will not receive direct funding.

- Priority areas: any in the area of the biotechnology (health, environment, agro-food....)
- Total announcement budget: 30 million euros.

- Type of projects: between 1 and 3 years of duration and a minimum budget of 300,000€.

- Type of help: the funding will be for SMEs. In the case of Spain, CDTI is the organization funding the projects (only the part presented by Spanish SMEs) in the form of credits and with the following characteristics :

o Soft credits, 0% interest and 10-year period of amortization.
o Funding of until 60% of the approved budget
o Non refundable 25% of the credit granted (incentive of internationalisation)


Download the forms from EuroTransBio official web site.

In the former call, 30% of the proposals presented received funding.

Biocat is at the disposal of all companies and research centres interested in participating, helping in identifying and contacting participant countries SMEs of with common interests which can become partners for the creation of consortiums.

Contact Biocat: Ms Laia Arnal, Innovation Dept.

Tel: 93 310 33 30

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