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Government of Catalonia promotes creation of RIS3CAT communities

Biocat is dynamizing and coordinating the creation of a health innovation community

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The Government of Catalonia is launching the RIS3CAT Communities, a pioneering strategy in Europe that aims to transform the business fabric in Catalonia through 2020. The initiative is the practical application of the RIS3CAT Smart Specialization Strategy, passed by the Catalan government last year in response to the directives established by the European Union in the Europa 2020 Strategy.

RIS3CAT communities are voluntary groups of companies and stakeholders in the Catalan R&D and innovation system. It is a new instrument through which the various stakeholders in the R&D&i system in leading sectors can access ERDF funds for Catalonia 2014-2020. Now through 2020, funding will go to three-year projects geared towards developing new products and services in line with the challenges posed in the RIS3CAT strategy.

The Government of Catalonia will devote €72 millions of ERDF money to this initiative, which will help leverage more than double this amount, in total, from private companies and other sources.

The communities will be created in the seven sectorial areas that the Government of Catalonia has defined as leaders and where Catalonia has a competitive advantage: agri-food industry; chemistry, energy and resources; industrial systems; industries associated with sustainable mobility; design-based industries; health industries; and cultural and experience-based industries.

In the health sector, Biocat is dynamizing and coordinating the creation of the future RIS3CAT community to address the main health-related challenges, from knowledge through market access. Biocat’s proposal stresses improvements through innovation in health, with the mission of developing innovative products and strategies to improve the health and quality of life of citizens, as well as improving market access for products.

The RIS3CAT communities will be made up of at least eight members, four or more of which must be companies. The rest may be technology centers, research centers, universities or hospitals. Approximately 15 communities are expected to be created by the end of the year, after being accredited by the Government of Catalonia in a competitive process to evaluate their innovation projects.

The Ministry of Enterprise and Employment, through ACCIÓ, has passed a resolution to award coordinating bodies –including Biocat– a small grant to dynamize and structure the potential RIS3CAT communities.

More information about the RIS3CAT communities is available in the press release from the Government of Catalonia.


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