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Grífols acquires 50% of Mondragón robotics company

The hemoderivatives manufacturer has invested €21 millions in Kiro Robotics

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Grífols has acquired 50% of the share capital of Kiro Robotics, a spin-off of the Mondragón corporation’s strategic health unit, Mondragón Health. The company has subscribed a capital increase for the value of €21 millions. Grifols and the partners of Kiro Robotics have signed a joint venture agreement for a minimum of 4 years.

Kiro Robotics’ main product is the Kiro Oncology robot, some of the most advanced technology in the world for the hospital pharmacy sector. The robot automates preparation of intravenous medication for chemotherapy, minimizing the risk involved for healthcare professionals. Grifols, through its Hospital Division, will market the robot abroad, including directly in Spain, Portugal and Latin America beginning in January 2016.

This operation will benefit both companies. On one hand, Grifols will reinforce its commitment to research and boost the development and internationalization of its Hospital Division. On the other, Kiro Robotics will ensure the feasibility and continuity of its projects, as well as the internationalization of the Kiro Oncology robot.

In recent years, Grífols has acquired a stake in Spanish biotechnology and medical technology companies like Progenika, Araclon Biotech and Catalan firm VCN Biosciences. With this latest investment in Kiro Robotics, the company once again shows its commitment to investing in Spain.

More information is available in the press release.




Grifols’ participation in Kiro Robotics will help boost and internationalize the Kiro Oncology robot. -Photo: © TU Lankide