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Grifols begins campaign to extract blood plasma in USA

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Catalan pharmaceutical company Grifols will give 25 dollars for plasma donations in the USA, according to an article published in the newspaper Expansión (28/10/09). In Spain, donors can’t be paid for donations but in the USA this is a way for people to make extra money.

All products manufactured and marketed by Grifols are related to hemotherapy, hospital pharmacology and clinical diagnosis. This group’s main line of business is made up of plasma derivates or hemoderivates. In order to obtain the necessary amount of hemoderivates, they need a considerable amount of human plasma as raw material. Grifols has found a way to get it. They operate 80 plasmapheresis centers in the USA, where they receive more than 2.7 million liters of plasma each year, giving them the second largest capacity to obtain plasma in the world. Plasma donated through these centers is examined at one of the company’s centers in Austin (Texas) and later sent to a storage facility in Temple (California). From there, this raw material is send to hemoderivate production plants in Barcelona and Los Angeles.

The global hemoderivates market in a non-cyclic sector with a high potential for growth. In 2007, the global market registered sales of 7.225 million euros, 7% more than in 2006. The United States is still the most important market, generating more than 2.808 million euros per year, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific and Japan. The sector’s concentration is one of its main characteristics. The five leading companies in plasma fractionation make up 68% of the global market (2007), while Grifols was the fastest growing company in this area, with 7% of the global hemoderivates market.

New plant in San Marcos (Texas)

Grifols, which has its US headquarters in Los Angeles and employs 3,300 workers in that country, aims to strengthen their position the American market in order to replicate the business model and industrial structure they have in Catalonia. Currently 36% of the company’s turnover comes from USA.

The company will complete their investment in this country by opening a second plasma analysis center in San Marcos. They will also have a storage facility and derivate production plant at the same location, which will be up and running in 2014. Additionally, they are in the planning stages for a new factory to produce a hemoderivate (Flebogamma DIF) in Los Angeles by 2013.

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