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Health Impact Fund (HIF) proposes drug patents to favor least fortunate

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Looking toward drug commercialization, the pharmaceutical industry focuses its research on illnesses that will bring in the best long-term profit margins. This strategy directly affects social classes with the least purchasing power and countries with the lowest GDPs, which are left with few options.

In response to this situation, the Health Impact Fund (HIF) was created, an innovative global movement that proposes an alternative type of drug patent, which makes these medications available to everyone regardless of their provenance or economic level.

Through an international fund supported by governments and other organizations, the HIF aims to incentivize pharmaceutical companies to invest in effective treatments that guarantee the health of the least fortunate. With the idea that in the future incentives will cover costs laid out by companies, this patent focuses on the impact of health research and innovation beyond business perspectives.

In order to get the word out about HIF in Catalonia, Thomas Pogge, the main spearhead of the project and professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at the University of Yale (USA), gave a presentation yesterday titled How can we make the right drugs accessible to everyone? at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB).

Until now, the project had only been presented in the United States, the United Kingdom and Norway.
The complete text of the HIF can be found in the book by Aidan Hollis and Thomas Pogge titled The Health Impact Fund: Making New Medicines Accessible for All (2008), available on the Internet for anyone who wants more information on the project.

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