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IGTP food supplement to protect against tuberculosis to go on sale in India and Nepal in 2016

The product, developed by Catalan company Manremyc, will be sold through an agreement with the leading probiotics company in India 

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The first therapeutic tuberculosis vaccine, RUTI, is stalled due to lack of funding but Dr. Pere-Joan Cardona, who leads the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit at the Germans Trias i Pujol Health Sciences Research Institute (IGTP), decided to take another path to move the research forward. The result: a food supplement to protect against the disease that, starting in 2016, will be on sale at pharmacies in India and Nepal, two of the countries with the highest tuberculosis incidence rate.

The product was patented in 2013, under the trademark Nyaditum resae, and has been launched on the global market through the biotechnology spin-off, Manremyc, created and led by Dr. Pere-Joan Cardona of the IGTP.

The company has reached an agreement with Tablets India, the leading probiotics company in the country, and expects that the imminent launch will reach more than one million people in India and Nepal over the first three years. The foundations for this partnership were laid when Manremyc traveled to the country in 2013 with the Government of Catalonia, Biocat and other companies.

The food supplement is made from a type of bacteria that lives in drinking water, identified for the first time in the Cardener River. It is very similar to the type that causes tuberculosis, but the body identifies it as food and tolerates it. Clinical trials in humans have shown that the product is safe, provokes a protective immune response and is recommendable for people who have or are susceptible to the infection.

Marketing of the food supplement will begin in two countries but is also looking towards China and other areas in Southeast Asia, where they company has already forged contacts. The Manremyc team wants to reach as many people as possible that can't afford current treatment because tuberculosis causes a million and a half deaths each year.


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Dr. Pere-Joan Cardona, CEO of Manremyc, and an executive from Tablets India signing the agreement. - Photo: © IGTP