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Impulse to Catalonia - Asia scientific and commercial relations

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Press Release: BioAsia 2008 trade fair
(Hyderabad, India, 7th-9th February '08)

Biocat has participated in the international biotechnology fair BioAsia 20008 (Hyderabad, India, 7th-9th February 08) as honour guest for the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (FABA), the event organisers. BioAsia is relevant trade fair for India and for the state of Andra Pradesh, and its capital, Hyderabad, as event host. Biocat has made diffusion of Catalan research companies and institutions from its exhibition booth in the fair. Moreover, it has done prospective work of the Indian sector to explore partnership possibilities for Catalan companies in Asia and to reinforce already existing ones.

During the opening ceremony, last 7th February, Manel Balcells as Biocat President, expressed his will of strengthening scientific and commercial relations with India through the cooperation of Catalan and Indian biotechnology sector actors. He also proposed Catalonia as a port of entry in Europe. Andra Pradesh's Prime Minister, Y.S. Rajasekhara, greeted Balcells and thanked Biocat and the Catalan delegation participation in the fair. The Catalan delegation was formed by the company Salvat Biotech, PCB and PRBB scientific parks and Barcelona's City Council Economic Promotion Area, but all BioRegion actors have been represented and promoted by Biocat during the fair.

These proposals and the participation in BioAsia are framed in the collaboration agreement signed by Biocat and All India Biotech Association (AIBA) at the beginning of last year.

India is a country of huge contrasts, where biotechnology clusters coexist in a strange harmony with a society with huge lacks. In this sense, it is necessary to mention the significant social commitment to biotechnological large companies leading the sector, like Serum Institute of India, Biocon, Shanta o Biological E. The BioRegion delegation had the opportunity to learn about the activities of the two last companies named above during the visit to Genome Valley, Andra Pradesh biomedical cluster, last 6h February.

The visit to Genome Valley took place on Wednesday 6th February and included a roundtable on the scientific parks role in clusters' development. It also scheduled meetings with managers of the main Indian cluster companies, as the biotechnological Biological E, which occupies a surface of 70,000 m2 in Genome Valley devoted to research and production, mainly of vaccines, and that has relations with some European countries like Austria. During the roundtable on scientific parks, Biocat managing director, Montserrat Vendrell, spoke about the BioRegion of Catalonia assets. The capacities of the Catalan biocluster were again exposed by Vendrell in the afternoon, during the session dedicated to the Asian biotechnological industry and its partners worldwide. There were representatives of Canada, Catalonia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran and of the European Federation of Biotechnology, EFB.

During the fair, Manel Balcells attended a closed-door meeting of the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (FABA), where new models of industrial collaboration with Catalonia and other world-wide partners were defined, and in particular, they decided to start off with an analysis of the knowledge flow facilitation between the two territories as well as the talent exchange.

Biocat offered a press conference, which counted with the participation of numerous Indian economic media. Biocat promotion role during the trade fair has had great impact on Indian media and has also created new collaboration opportunities.

In order to introduce Catalan research companies and institutions, Biocat offered an official reception on Saturday 9th February to close the fair. Numerous Asian companies' managers assisted to the event, which helped to established new contacts with Catalan companies and institutions.

(To see available photos from the event, click here)

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