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Inkemia awarded public contract by European Union

The ‘Carbazymes’ project will bring the group €416,325 in operating revenue

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IUCT, the knowledge division of the Inkemia IUCT Group, has been awarded, through a public procurement process held by the European Union, a public contract to participate in a consortium made up of one large company, 6 SMEs and 7 public research centers in 5 European countries.

As a result, the European Union has funded the consortium for ‘Carbazymes’, a European R&D project under the H2020 program that will mean €416,325 in operative revenue for InKemia.

The main aim of ‘Carbazymes’ is to open up the doors for the development of new pathways to obtain highly necessary chemical products through biotechnology (biocatalytic synthesis), thus gradually helping the chemical industry mature into an innovative sector that is more efficient and sustainable.

The project will be conducted over the coming 4 years, under the European Union H2020 program, and the R&D investment will generate patentable technical results, in the form of new products, processes or technology.

By participating in this project, which entails total revenue for the consortium as a whole of approximately €8.214 millions and more than €9.265 millions in R&D, Inkemia will be able to grow its own technology pipeline, in line with the company’s expectations for growth over the coming years. 

Josep Castells, CEO of Inkemia

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