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Journal ‘Nature’ prepares special issue on Catalonia

The edition of November 24 includes content about the BioRegion and companies, scientific institutions and universities can participate with promotional items and advertising

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The journal Nature will publish its next issue on 24 November with a section devoted to Catalonia and its companies and research centers. This prestigious publication will help raise awareness of the BioRegion of Catalonia and its stakeholders among its more than 365,000 print readers and more than 2.6 million unique visitors to the online version each month.

Named the Journal of the Century, Nature is considered the favorite informational media outlet of the science industry, having published 275 Nobel laureates and discoveries like the Human Genome Project, Dolly the cloned sheep and the discovery of DNA structure.

Entitled “Spotlight on Catalonia”, the special will be published in the print version of Nature, in the “Careers” section. Nature periodically devotes the “Spotlight on….” section to a specific region: the last time it focused on Catalonia was in 2011. The special will include specific editorial content on the BioRegion of Catalonia, along with promotional articles and ads from universities, scientific institutions and private companies interested in participating. The price for advertising in the special section ranges from £2,600 and £16,475 (€3,000 to €19,700 approximately).

Biocat is working with Nature to spread the word about this special, but the journal is solely responsible for managing it. The participation options and contact details for companies and organizations in the BioRegion interested in participating in the “Spotlight on Catalonia” are available in this document.

Nature Spotlight Catalonia

The last section devoted Nature "Spotlight on" Catalonia was in 2011.