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La Marató de TV3 opens the call for projects on organs and tissues regeneration and transplantation

To date, La Marató has raised €7,575,948, which will increase with the donations which can still be done until 31st March 2012.

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La Marató de TV3 Foundation has opened the call for submission of biomedical excellence research projects on organs and tissues regeneration and transplantation, which will be financed with donations collected during 2011 edition. Proposals may be submitted from next 6th February to 5th March 2012 at 2pm.

Financial aid will not go beyond €200,000 for projects which are part of a research group,  €300,000 for those with two research groups participating, and €400,000 for projects with three or more groups participating.

Call Conditions

To submit a project please visit La Marató de TV3 Foundation website.

Since 1992, the Foundation has shared out €84,751,412 among  565 research projects which have been developed in scientific institutions, mainly in Catalonia, but also from in rest of Spain and also abroad. Altogether,  2,974 scientists have directly benefited from financial support to continue pursuing their research.

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Sessió informativa "Procés d'avaluació dels projectes de La Marató de TV3"
Date: 21 February 2012
Venue: Salvany Building of the Health Department (Government of Catalonia) • Room 3 • C/ Roc Boronat, 81-95, 1st • Barcelona (Spain)

Catalonia reached in 2011 a record for organ transplants, 892 in total, 20% more than last year.