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Meeting with IRB at Barcelona Science Park on 'Key Enabling Technologies' (KET)

The event is offered under the framework of the Cicle de Jornades KET, which is part of the series Cicle de la Innovació Tecnològica - Catalunya 2020

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Under the framework of the Cicle de Jornades KET, the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTEcno), Network of Science and Technology Parks of Catalonia (XPCAT) and the Cercle per al ConeixementSocietat Econòmica Barcelonesa d’Amics del País are holding a meeting with the Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona (IRB Barcelona) on Key Enabling Technologies (KET). The event will take place on 22 October 2014 at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).

The event aims to show current advances in KET technology in Catalonia and how they are being applied in companies. Specifically, the event will discuss the IRB’s breakthroughs in biomedicine and biotechnology.

At the event, Cristina Horcajada, IRB head of Innovation, and Tiago Botelho, IRB Industrial Liaison officer, will present the technology being developed at the IRB and how it can be applied in business. Afterwards, Catalan companies Iproteos and Inbiomotion will show how they have applied this technology in their organizations.

Those interested in attending must sign up by e-mail or phone 935 824 545 before 21 October.


The meeting with the IRB will take place at the PCB, where the research center is currently based. - © PCB