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Neuroregeneration, a gateway to curing spinal-cord and brain injuries

B·Debate and Guttmann Institute are organizing a scientific debate on the present and future of neuroregeneration with national and international experts on 23 and 24 October in Barcelona.

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By Biocat

A In Catalonia there are 3,500 people with spinal-cord injuries and there are 210 new cases each year. In recent years, research into robotics and stem cells, among other topics, has led to the development of new methods to favor recovery from neurological injuries that have raised expectations that we will have curative treatments for these patients in the near future.

National and international experts will meet at CosmoCaixa Barcelona, invited by B·Debate and Guttmann Institute, on 23 and 24 October with the aim of sharing breakthroughs in the latest neuroregeneration therapies, discussing how to improve prognosis and recovery for spinal-cord injuries and how to optimize the nervous system’s regenerative capacities. The event entitled Neuroregeneration: Is it the common frontier for Bioengineering, Neuroscience, Robotics and Neurorehabilitation? is headed up by scientific leader Dr. Josep Maria Tormos, director of research at Guttmann Institute.

More information on the B·Debate website.

Guttmann Institute Technical Workshop

As a springboard for these debates, on 22 October, Institut Guttmann is holding their XXV Institute Guttmann Technical Workshop entitled Neuroregeneració. On som? Què hem d'esperar? (Neuroregeneration: Where are we? What can we expect?), which is open to the general public. The workshop, which will be moderated by Jorge Wagensberg, scientific director of the "la Caixa" Foundation, will feature a scientific debate among four international experts in neuroscience. Afterwards, the book Niños con traumatismo craneoencefálico. Guía para padres (Children with traumatic brain injury. A parents’ guide) will be presented, featuring Catalan Minister for Health Boi Ruiz and the stories of patients and relatives affected by this neurological disorder.

Follow the debate on Twitter @BDebate with the hashtag #BDebate